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Lean Management

Lean Management

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Lean Management

Lean management of business processes is the key to eventual success. Brilliant process management takes advantage of the limited resources efficiently by maximizing utility and value. For the lean strategy to be effective, the principle must be anchored on the belief that brilliant results are more certain from average people handling brilliantly designed processes. In contrast, average or even worse results are more likely derived from brilliant people tasked to manage broken processes in the first place. This basic requirement where mediocrity in human resource is enough makes lean management extensible to other areas such as government and other similar services just as long as the process is carefully thought of and designed.

Lean thinking predates the management system to be developed according to its principles. Its objective is to manage the business operations backwards putting more priority on the customers perceived definition of value. This approach is in contrast to traditional thinking where assets and organizations define value while placing lesser priority on the customers perception of the products or services being offered.

Constant improvement on the most important and most relevant primary processes supports the customer-defined value of the product by influencing design and mode of delivery. The designed primary processes must work from start to end while carefully taking note of the objective that aims to keep wasted effort and time down to a minimum.

Clarity of purpose from the product or service to the customer must be established prior to completing the system cycle. From these clearly defined purposes, processes are designed to meet the specific purposes and then the human workforce is organized.

The lean management system is finally developed for the purpose of sustaining and improving the processes over the succeeding years of experience. In every step of the process, value stream of the product or service is assessed to keep track of possible pitfalls.


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